Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why an attack on Eden Fantasys dragged me out of hiatus

I have horribly neglected this blog - but I'm back, in time for a rant.

One of my favorite Twitter chums - who I love and adore - pointed out today that the 'auto cue' feed in Google throws up a pretty interesting search result if you type in the words Eden Fantasys - first thing that comes up is 'Eden Fantasys Scam.'

While I completely adore my Twitter pal, she and I have a difference of opinion when it comes to my favorite purveyor of provocative playthings (as is her right, and I'm glad we can be friends despite that.) This is why, when she made this discovery, she posted: "There is a reason this company comes up on a Google search in this way."

And in her defense, she's absolutely right - there is. But not in the way she might have thought.

Because if you write Eden Fantasys into another search engine, like Yahoo, for example, you'll find that the results that get displayed are different - more like you'd expect to find regarding a popular online retailer.

So why is Google different?

I suspect a Googlebomb - a deliberate and lengthy digital attack made to distort and manipulate a search engine's ranking. You do it by repeatedly entering terms you want to be associated with a specific set of keywords. Back during the days of President Bush, for example, somebody did it by linking his name to the words 'miserable failure' and created a fake 404 page for the keywords 'weapons of mass destruction.'

It seems to me that somebody has laboriously done the same with Google to connect the word 'scam' with Eden Fantasys.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Who would take the time and effort to do something so mind-numbingly pathetic and insidious?

Well, actually there's a laundry list of suspects. You have the remember the enthusiasm in which some of Eden's detractors attacked this company before. Remember somebody with far too much time on their hands once set up a site called, specifically written to list their complaints?

Another blogger still remarks in her twitter feed that 'she'd never miss an opportunity to attack EF' because they kicked her out of their forums (the Groucho Club - ur doing it wrong.)

I can understand some of these people's complaints about the way they - as contributors - have been treated in their business relationships with Eden. I can think of three people I think have legitimate complaints about the business they've done with EF, based on what they've told myself and others. They're also, as far as I know, a little too busy and grown up to indulge in Eden-bashing.

It's the ones who aren't so mature who are most passionate about attacking Eden - so much so that they've repeatedly overstepped the bounds of any 'justification' for their complaints and ended up looking like far worse 'bad guys' than EF could ever have been in the first place.

In my mind was the perfect example of that. Also, the enthusiasm in which certain bloggers tried to create a baseless rumor that Eden sold 'used' sex toys was another pathetic demonstration. By comparison, the 'scam' Google bomb I suspect is small potatoes - but just another example that deeply troubles me.

Yet again, it's malicious, deliberate and - this time worst of all - fundamentally fucking dishonest.

Because if you actually look up Eden Fantasys you'll see they have a stellar reputation when it comes to dealing with customers. They're rated 5 stars on Trying to deliberately attach the word 'scam' to EF's name is basically trying to infer a connection to dishonest business practices that they don't and have never engaged in.

It's a lie, in other words. It's libel. It's false information.

And frankly, it's pathetic.

Some bloggers have questioned my unswerving loyalty to Eden Fantasys over the years - but this latest vignette in the blogosphere drama demonstrates why I stick with them.

I've done business with Eden as a customer and a contributor - and always been treated right.

In comparison, I've seen several of Eden's most vehement detractors backstab, bitch, badmouth and bellyache so many times that they make Eden Fantasys look like UNICEF by ethical comparison.

There are those few who still have legitimate reasons to complain - I'm not attacking them. But the majority of Eden's 'enemies', however, seem to have abandoned the moral high ground a long time ago.