Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On Oral Love and Lockjaw: How Can I Come Quicker?

I love getting a blowjob.

There’s really nothing like the intimacy and eroticism of watching a beautiful girl lavishly slather your shaft in saliva – teasing you with her lips and tongue until you detonate. It’s indulgent, selfish and wonderful.

Sadly, I don’t get as many blowjobs as I’d like - because my wife thinks I deliberately take too long to come.

She loves giving blowjobs, and is astonishingly talented at them. Her mouth is like a warm, wet vacuum and she matches enthusiasm with a total lack of inhibition – hungrily slurping and sucking like my cock is the most delicious ice-lolly on the planet. But I’ll admit, it takes me a long time to come – to build up to that inevitable explosion that she gulps down so greedily.

She thinks I’m being selfish – that I enjoy her sucking my cock so much I deliberately hold off on climaxing (and give her lockjaw as a result.) This couldn’t be further from the truth. Although I wallow in the indulgent ecstasy of oral sex, I’m as eager to blow my load as she is.

This, though, is the reason why my wife’s increasingly reticent to go down on me. She’s a goal-oriented gal, my lovely lady, and once she starts sucking she wants to see the job through to the sticky end. Given the length of time I take to climax, though, that’s an epic task she’s increasingly unwilling to undertake.

I’m at my wits end. How do I speed myself to climax?

For the time being, I’m trying to train myself by quitting masturbation cold turkey (even if I rubbed one out more than twelve or eighteen hours earlier, it still strikes me that this might make me less inclined to climax - and the effortless control over pressure and speed a man gets used to with his own right hand can present even the most orally-gifted woman with a tough act to follow. I need to super-sensitize my shaft again.)

But is there anything else I can do? Anybody else have this problem?

I must be singularly the luckiest guy on earth – to be married to a girl who’s both talented and enthusiastic about going down on me. I certainly don’t want her to abandon her appetite for oral because I fail to ejaculate when expected.


Jess Manifesto said...

How long are we talking here?

Eliot said...

Perhaps your wife should take the focus off of making you come. When she gets really tired she could always switch to something else like her hands. Not all guys pop off quickly; they can take a long time to orgasm just like some women do.

I think if you're always making the orgasm the end result, you're always going to be frustrated when it doesn't happen, especially when you put a time frame around it.

Also, there's the possibility that the mental pressure you feel to come might subconsciously be preventing your orgasm.

I think the goal in sex should be to make your partner feel good, orgasm or no.

Just my two cents. :-)


Athol Kay: Married Man Sex Life said...

This one is simple. Get yourself started some of the way towards orgasm. Have her take over when you're 80-90% of the way there.

The change in sensation from your hand to her mouth can make the final orgasm mindblowing.


Yup, have to agree with Athol Kay....freom your hand, to her mouth to her pussy should do the trick!

Kendra Holliday said...

Good suggestions - this is a great problem to have!

I blow my guy almost daily - if it ever "takes too long," we switch it up. He'll take over and jerk off in my mouth. Or we'll move to the shower and jerk him off with liquid body wash or shave cream. Or he'll watch porn. Try getting head behind a closed door at a party. The added excitement intensifies things and makes him cum quicker. Be creative!

TotalSurrender said...

I love this problem... as there are times this definitely happens to me and my guy. My solution? I begin to head south even more (balls, taint and more). It never fails at bringing his breath quicker, his eyes closing and a happy ending for both parties. You should try it.