Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lingerie Advert Genuinely Sexy Shocker!

Okay, so this is old news to most of you, but new news to me. During the Sunday-night lineup, both Fox and CNN apparently refused to air this lingerie ad because it featured a 'plus sized' model.

The reason was that it 'wasn't appropriate' for a family audience - yet they frequently squeezed ads for Victoria's Secret in there (and earlier in the daytime) which featured women wearing considerably racier attire.

Why I believe the ad was banned? Because it's genuinely sexy.

I'll admit I don't raise an eyebrow watching the Victoria's Secret ads. They're like background music to me - but this ad literally made my jaw drop open (and something else travel in the opposite direction.) It's simply hot.

Women with curves are hot - simple as that. Fox and friends won't put an advert like this on TV because it actually solicits the kind of reaction the Victoria's Secret ad is intended to (but doesn't.)

The only thing thing that annoys me is how this model is described as 'plus sized' when, as far as I'm concerned, she's absolutely regular sized.

Now I'm aware that to some women, this girl's shape is as unattainable as a supermodel's is (if they're girls who simply don't gain weight, like my ex.) Saying that 'this is how a woman is supposed to look' is the same bullshit, just in a different flavor (because women are supposed to look however they actually look.)

What I can say, though, is that this is how lingerie adverts are meant to make you feel - and it's sad that Fox and CNN were scared of actually facing that prospect.


PandaDementia said...

It IS a seriously hot commercial. That woman is GORGEOUS! It's certainly a shame that the two networks decided not to show it.

Duke of Earl said...

Plus size?

My goodness... have America forgotten what a real woman looks like?