Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lunch with Tess

One of the coolest things about writing Champagne and Benzedrine is the fact that I've met all sorts of awesome people - not just online, but in real life, too.

This includes bloggers I've been fans of for years, like Tess (better known as Urban Gypsy.) Today, she and I headed off to midtown for a delicious Indian together (no, that's not a euphemism, although if I wasn't married I'm sure I'd wish it was.)

Tess was one of the whirlwind organizers of the NYC Sex Blogger's Calendar, and during lunch she reminded me that there's still the opportunity to get your hands on a copy of the 2010 calendar (if you haven't done so already.)

If you haven't got one to enjoy, I'd recommend it. I loved last year's calendar, with a burlesque theme by photographer Stacie Joy, but this year's was even bigger than before. In the 2010 edition, each month was shot by a different photographer, each with a different interpretation of what defined 'sexual freedom.'

Tess' photo, by Brian Moss, was one of my favorites because it showed a totally different side to the Tess most people know. She's brilliant, bubbly, beautiful and cute in the everyday. In the photo, we see a side that's not so obvious - equally beautiful, but also intensely vulnerable. It's amazing.

And Tess' photo isn't the only amazing shot. Each of the models featured in the 2010 calendar had enormous scope to explore their concept of 'sexual freedom' and the varied results are fascinating. Get your copy before they run about at the NYC Sex Blogger Calendar's website.

Another pic from Tess' amazing calendar shoot

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