Thursday, October 22, 2009

Excerpt from a book I've yet to finish writing...

Mgambe grabbed a fistful of Gina’s luxurious black hair. With a jerk, he yanked her to her feet.

Gina cried, tears springing to her eyes.

“Ow! That hurts…”

“That’s the point.”

Mgambe was holding her high, so Gina had to stand on tip-toes to prevent him yanking her hair from her scalp.

“Now let me get a look at you.”

Off balance, she was helpless to prevent him spinning her around. She wailed, the pressure on her scalp increasing.

Mgambe ignored her cries. He was peering down at the naked housewife with a hungry look in his eyes.

“Oh, you’re lovely.”

Still holding her hair, he used his other hand to stroke Gina’s smooth, tan skin.
She whimpered. His big hand was rough and calloused.

Mgambe’s rough palm slid up her hip, before gently cupping one of her big, heavy breasts.

Mgambe squeezed.

“Plump like a ripe grapefruit,” his half-hard cock had swollen to salute, rising like a flagpole from his crotch. “You are an attractive little thing, aren’t you?”

With that he released the grip on Gina’s hair and she fell gratefully back to her chair.

As her naked butt hit the plastic, she realized she was eye-level with Mgambe’s crotch. His thick, brown cock was pointing angrily in her face.

His thick fingers wrapped themselves around her hair again.

“Now,” tugging her hair, Mgambe yanked Gina’s face towards his crotch. “I’m sure you have no confusion at what I expect from you.”


Slap! Mgambe’s palm left a stinging imprint on her cheek.

“Do as you’re told, slut.”

Gina submissively opened her mouth.

Mgambe threw his head back as he felt the warm wetness envelope his straining dick.
The wet sound of suckling echoed off the walls of the interrogation room.

The big African peered down.

Gina was sucking him obediently, her lips stretched wide to accommodate his thick cock. Saliva dribbled down her chin as she engulfed the throbbing head of his penis.

“Good girl,” he murmured, using his grip on her hair to force her further onto his cock. “Use your tongue like a good little slut.”

The slurping grew louder.

Mgambe reveled in the sensation. Gina was gifted. He knew from experience that his big dick was bigger than most women could comfortably handle – yet his prisoner was doing a fine job pleasuring him with her talented lips and tongue.

As she worked, he appraised the rest of her body. The big, pendulous breasts with their sharp, brown nipples. Her round, ripe bottom…

He had ambitions for that…

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